Features: It Matters

I take pride in every detail of the items I produce. From the tannery to the shipment of the final product, I take care in choosing responsible and superior methods. It matters to me where the leather comes from and the impact the tanning process has on people and places. What we choose matters. 

Burnished edges shown on custom foraging pouch


Edges are rounded and burnished using a wood burnishing wheel. They are then treated with beeswax and re-burnished to produce an aesthetic, durable edge

Saddle-stitch shown on custom guitar strap


All items are hand-stitched using the traditional saddle-stitch method. Knife Sheaths and hard-wearing items will have recessed stitching to protect the thread from abrasion

Ethically sourced vegetable tanned leather guitar strap in progress


  • Ethically sourced vegetable-tanned leather used on all items
  • Classic waxed linen thread for wallets
  • High strength polyester thread for sheaths and cases
  • Professional Fiebing's Oil Dye for all dyed items
  • All natural handmade leather conditioner for Natural items